Proficiency Awards

BG Proficiency Awards

The Proficiency Award Scheme was developed by British Gymnastics for use in Gym Clubs across the UK. It is designed as an introduction to Gymnastics as a whole, which is why it incorporates elements from Rhythmic and Acrobatic gymnastics. All elements help to improve balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination, so will benefit any gymnast, no matter their chosen discipline.

The awards start at level 8 and finish on level 1, before moving onto the Advanced Proficiency Awards. Most of the elements will be incorporated into lessons. However, some elements are not suitable for delivery during normal lessons. These will be covered during the gyms badge week, which are held throughout the year. Upon completion of a level, you will be able to purchase a badge and certificate.

Level 8

  1. Run on the spot for 30 sec
  2. Fun gym shapes – sit in tuck, pike, straddle. Stand with tall stretch & star
  3. Front & back support
  4. Jump in & out of a hoop
  5. Transfer weight from 1 foot to the other
  6. From crouch bunny jump
  7. Rock backwards & forwards in tuck
  8. Matched & mirrored sequence of arm positions
  9. Explore patterns using ribbons or scarves
  10. Walk forwards along a bench on tiptoes

Level 7

  1. Run freely for 45 sec
  2. Bent leg dish
  3. Back support raising 1 leg at a time towards the vertical
  4. Stand & jump to a safe landing
  5. 1 foot balance on a bench or box top
  6. From front support jump in & up
  7. Rock backwards & forwards in pike & straddle
  8. Front & back support lower to the floor with control
  9. Bounce & catch a ball 3 times
  10. Walk forwards along a bench & full turn in the middle

Level 6

  1. Follow my leader in pairs using different actions for 1 minute
  2. Dish & Arch
  3. Press-up forwards & backwards
  4. Hop jump, hop jump along the floor
  5. Piked V-sit with hand support
  6. Travelling bunny jumps
  7. Rock backwards and forwards tucked to stand
  8. Side support on 1 arm, turn slowly to the other
  9. With partner, roll & catch a ball or hoop
  10. Walk backwards along a bench & full turn in the middle

Level 5

  1. Leap from one foot to the other
  2. Japana to 45°
  3. Move sideways from dish to arch
  4. Hop, step & jump
  5. T-balance
  6. Bunny jumps over a bench side-to-side
  7. Tucked forward roll down an incline
  8. Front support with partner
  9. Roll a ball or hoop, travel at its side & pick it up
  10. Run, hurdle step & 2 foot rebound jump

Level 4

  1. Skip for 30 sec
  2. Low lunges with both legs – forwards & sideways
  3. Shoulder stand with hips supported
  4. Cat leaps, 2 times, each leg
  5. Frog balance
  6. Straddle bunny jumps across a bench side-to-side
  7. Tucked backward roll down an incline
  8. Chassis steps with arm swing, facing partner
  9. Hoola hooping
  10. From box top – star jump to safe landing

Level 3

  1. Japana flat
  2. Skip for 45 sec
  3. Headstand with knees bent & lower into frog
  4. Tuck jump
  5. Headstand with knees bent
  6. Cartwheel
  7. Forward Roll
  8. Teddy bear roll – back to back with partner
  9. Throw, jump & catch hand apparatus
  10. Squat on box top & stretch jump off

Level 2

  1. 6 shuttle runs
  2. Bridge
  3. Half lever with 1 foot only raised – change legs
  4. Jump half turn
  5. Headstand
  6. Cartwheel quarter turn off bench
  7. Backward roll
  8. Counter balance
  9. Single knee balance, throw & catch hand apparatus
  10. Squat on box top & tuck jump off

Level 1

  1. 10 shuttle runs
  2. Splits
  3. Half lever or straddled half lever
  4. Jump full turn
  5. Moving toward handstand using apparatus
  6. Change leg handstand
  7. Handstand forward roll
  8. Match & mirrored sequence – to include roll, jump & balance
  9. Throw hand apparatus, perform a leap, catch & perform a balance
  10. Straddle on box top & straddle jump off